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Cloud-Based Time Entry System

Tempora Timesheets For The Healthcare Industry

accessed from anywhere in the world

Cloud-Based Timesheets

Tempora is a cloud-based time entry system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. With our simple time entry interface staff can quickly add their hours, notes and submit their timesheets in a few minutes.

Whether using the search button or picking an item from the drop-down list easily add new items to your timesheet. You can add your time and notes at the same time as adding the item to the timesheet.

All recorded time and notes are available to be reviewed in our Tempora reports. You can choose to see a summary of your data or an in-depth look at all or select items. 

Tempora will automatically add any item you have recorded time for in the last two weeks

Prepopulated Timesheets

The most time-consuming part of completing any timesheet is selecting the items you have worked on. Tempora will automatically add any item you have recorded time for in the last two weeks. Any items you have not recorded time for in the last two weeks will be automatically removed keeping your timesheets clean and quick to complete.

The number of previous weeks to use to populate your timesheet can even be increased or decreased based on your company’s needs.

iOS and Android mobile apps

Mobile App

Whether on the train or at a construction site you cannot guarantee that you will have internet access. Our iOS and Android mobile apps will allow you to complete your timesheet in offline mode and sync the data the next time you connect to the internet.

While using the mobile app you can start a timer, pause or stop it when needed and quickly assign the time to the relevant item. When using the timer your time recordings will be automatically added to the current day.

The Tempora Prompt can be installed on Windows and Mac

Timesheet Enforcement

Our late timesheet email will remind staff each week to complete any timesheets that are outstanding. Sometimes staff members need more than a reminder they need a call to action. The Tempora Prompt can be installed on Windows and Mac and will check if a staff member’s timesheets are overdue. Once a timesheet is detected as late the prompt will activate. The prompt can be configured to open a reminder to complete timesheets, open Tempora for the staff member to complete their timesheets or lock the machine until the timesheet is complete. When a computer is locked a Tempora login window is displayed, and the staff member can log in and complete their outstanding timesheets. Once the timesheets are complete the prompt will restore access to the user’s computer.

The Tempora prompt is used when companies have to have confidence that timesheets will be completed on time. The prompt can be active for all staff or select staff members and even have different activation behaviour per staff member.

With Tempora you can filter your timesheet to only show the items you are interested in

Filtering Your Timesheet

When you work across many clients, projects and activities your timesheet can keep growing to a point it feels impossible to find the item you want to record time for. With Tempora you can filter your timesheet to only show the items you are interested in keeping your time recording effortless.

This prevents staff members from submitting incomplete timesheets

Required Hours

When using the browser or mobile app Tempora will display your required weekly hours. Once your required hours have been met or exceeded you can post your timesheet to mark it as complete. This prevents staff members from submitting incomplete timesheets that need to be reviewed and rejected.

Each staff member has their own holiday calendar

Holiday Calendar

Each staff member has their own holiday calendar where they can view and book holidays for the year. Holiday requests are automatically added to the staff member’s timesheet and sent to their holiday approver.

Holiday approvers receive each request by email, following the email link will take you to the holiday approval page in Tempora. This page shows all the staff members you approve holiday for and the next four weeks of holiday. This provides a straightforward view of who is on holiday so you can make informed decisions when approving or declining a holiday request.

Tempora Experience For Admin Users

Tempora is not just a time-tracking tool it’s a time-saving tool, below are just a few ways Tempora can save you’re your team time.  

Late Timesheet Reminder

Your team will always be reminded to complete their timesheets without the need for manual chasing. 


Quickly and easily access the data you need for your company, department or staff members. Choose to see a summary of your data or a detailed report. 


Add advanced time recording structures to clients or projects with just a few clicks. Adding new items to Tempora takes a few seconds and archiving old items is just as quick.

Moving Time

We all make mistakes so Tempora allows you to move time from one location to another, this can be done for a single staff member or all staff. Meaning there’s no need to manually edit hundreds of historic timesheets.

Experience Tempora

Request a demo or sign up for a free trial to see Tempora for yourself. Alternatively, look at our key features list below to see how Tempora can improve your business.   

Key Features


Tempora provides multi-level time recording and reporting, allowing you to see the data that matters to your company at a summary or detailed level. Our reports don’t just show time but a breakdown of costs, selling values and profit and loss.

Timesheet Prompt

When you need to make sure timesheets are complete the Tempora prompt is the right tool for the job. This software is installed on the staff member’s machine, when a timesheet is not submitted on time the prompt will lock their machine from all applications but the Tempora timesheet. Once the timesheet is complete the prompt will unlock their computer so they can access other apps.


Tempora has a wealth of prebuilt reports that can be run, these reports are broken into easy-to-understand sections so you can always find the data you need. All Tempora reports can be exported to Excel, emailed to other staff or automated to be delivered to you daily, weekly or monthly.

Report Filters

Create grouping combinations of clients, projects, and activities to report on allowing you to filter out any data that’s not relevant.

Export Reports

Select the fields you want to build your custom CSV data exports from Tempora. Quickly see your data broken down by client, staff member, week, month, or many other values. This data can also be imported to any system that accepts CSV uploads.

Import Reports

There’s no need to lose historic data when moving to Tempora, we can import all your historic data and have it available in the Tempora reports.


By using a template, quickly add advanced time recording structures to clients or projects. When a template is changed it will update all clients or projects using that template. This allows you to make changes for hundreds of items with just a few clicks.

Late Timesheet Reminder

Tempora will automatically remind your team to complete timesheets each week by email. A summary of who has late timesheets can be sent to department leaders. This can save your admin team hours that can now be more productively spent.

Unlimited Support

We provide support not just for your admin team but also the time entry users. Questions are always responded to quickly allowing your team to get the answers they need and move on to other tasks.


Learning a new system can be a challenge for a busy admin team, we provide training sessions for maintaining the system and running reports to get your team up to speed and familiar with Tempora.

System Setup

Setting up a new product can be time-consuming or even a challenge for a busy team. We can configure Tempora for you, after a brief call to understand your requirements and a few key details the system is set up and ready to use, already populated with your clients and staff.

Move Time

Mistakes can happen a staff member may have been recording their time to the wrong item for weeks or even months. Instead of manually adjusting each record you can move all the time to the correct item. This can save hours of admin allowing your team to stay focused on what matters.


Holiday charts are available for all staff members to quickly see dates that have a holiday booking and how many holiday days are left to take for the year.

Holiday approvers will be notified by email any time a holiday request is made. The holiday approval page shows all staff you can approve a holiday for and their availability allowing you to quickly identify if the request should be approved or declined.

Holiday requests are automatically added to the staff member’s timesheet, the time is removed if the request is declined.

Time Approval

Quickly enable time approval for staff members by adding them to a time approval group. When a timesheet is submitted it will be set to pending and the time approver will receive an email notification, the timesheet can be approved or rejected from the email or Tempora. When a timesheet is approved or rejected the time entry user is notified by email.

Required Hours

Each staff member is set a minimum number of hours to complete per week. This can be easily changed should a staff member move to part-time.

Cost Rate

Add an hourly cost rate to your staff to quickly see how much work for a client or project has cost.

Selling Rate

Add an hourly selling rate to your staff to quickly see how much you should charge a client for completed work.


Increase or decrease your selling rate for select clients, projects, or activities.

Income And Fees

Record your income and Fees for clients, projects, or activities. Use our reports to see if you are making a profit or a loss.

Custom Roles

Create custom roles to set what parts of the system are accessible to administrators. Set team leaders to create new time-entry items but remove their access to financial data.


Set which clients a department or individual staff member can access for time recording.

Azure SSO

Tempora can be configured to integrate with your Azure Active Directory so users can log in with their office 365 details.

Shared Timesheets

Set timesheets to be accessible to other staff members or team leaders, great for keeping track of your freelancers.

Dedicated Server

Tempora can be provided on a dedicated server in a region of your choice.

We use analytics to improve user experience.