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The Tempora Timesheets Experience

Tempora is a cloud-based time entry system that allows your staff members to complete their timesheets from anywhere in the world. With our simple time entry system users can quickly complete and submit their timesheets from a browser or our mobile app.  

Why should my company use online timesheets?

Every business should know how their staff member’s time is spent, how can you pay your staff or charge your clients correctly if you don’t know how many hours have been worked? Paper-based timesheets can be a nightmare to maintain, Tempora keeps all your data in one place allowing you to quickly see when and where time has been spent.

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Timesheet System Key Features


Tempora provides multi-level time recording and reporting, allowing you to see the data that matters to your company at a summary or detailed level. Our reports don’t just show time but a breakdown of costs, selling values and profit and loss.

Timesheet Prompt

When you need to make sure timesheets are complete the Tempora prompt is the right tool for the job. This software is installed on the staff member’s machine, when a timesheet is not submitted on time the prompt will lock their machine from all applications but the Tempora timesheet. Once the timesheet is complete the prompt will unlock their computer so they can access other apps.


Tempora has a wealth of prebuilt reports that can be run, these reports are broken into easy-to-understand sections so you can always find the data you need. All Tempora reports can be exported to Excel, emailed to other staff or automated to be delivered to you daily, weekly or monthly.

Report Filters

Create grouping combinations of clients, projects, and activities to report on allowing you to filter out any data that’s not relevant.

Export Reports

Select the fields you want to build your custom CSV data exports from Tempora. Quickly see your data broken down by client, staff member, week, month, or many other values. This data can also be imported to any system that accepts CSV uploads.

Import Reports

There’s no need to lose historic data when moving to Tempora, we can import all your historic data and have it available in the Tempora reports.


By using a template, quickly add advanced time recording structures to clients or projects. When a template is changed it will update all clients or projects using that template. This allows you to make changes for hundreds of items with just a few clicks.

Late Timesheet Reminder

Tempora will automatically remind your team to complete timesheets each week by email. A summary of who has late timesheets can be sent to department leaders. This can save your admin team hours that can now be more productively spent.

Unlimited Support

We provide support not just for your admin team but also the time entry users. Questions are always responded to quickly allowing your team to get the answers they need and move on to other tasks.


Learning a new system can be a challenge for a busy admin team, we provide training sessions for maintaining the system and running reports to get your team up to speed and familiar with Tempora.

System Setup

Setting up a new product can be time-consuming or even a challenge for a busy team. We can configure Tempora for you, after a brief call to understand your requirements and a few key details the system is set up and ready to use, already populated with your clients and staff.

Move Time

Mistakes can happen a staff member may have been recording their time to the wrong item for weeks or even months. Instead of manually adjusting each record you can move all the time to the correct item. This can save hours of admin allowing your team to stay focused on what matters.


Holiday charts are available for all staff members to quickly see dates that have a holiday booking and how many holiday days are left to take for the year.

Holiday approvers will be notified by email any time a holiday request is made. The holiday approval page shows all staff you can approve a holiday for and their availability allowing you to quickly identify if the request should be approved or declined.

Holiday requests are automatically added to the staff member’s timesheet, the time is removed if the request is declined.

Time Approval

Quickly enable time approval for staff members by adding them to a time approval group. When a timesheet is submitted it will be set to pending and the time approver will receive an email notification, the timesheet can be approved or rejected from the email or Tempora. When a timesheet is approved or rejected the time entry user is notified by email.

Required Hours

Each staff member is set a minimum number of hours to complete per week. This can be easily changed should a staff member move to part-time.

Cost Rate

Add an hourly cost rate to your staff to quickly see how much work for a client or project has cost.

Selling Rate

Add an hourly selling rate to your staff to quickly see how much you should charge a client for completed work.


Increase or decrease your selling rate for select clients, projects, or activities.

Income And Fees

Record your income and Fees for clients, projects, or activities. Use our reports to see if you are making a profit or a loss.

Custom Roles

Create custom roles to set what parts of the system are accessible to administrators. Set team leaders to create new time-entry items but remove their access to financial data.


Set which clients a department or individual staff member can access for time recording.

Azure SSO

Tempora can be configured to integrate with your Azure Active Directory so users can log in with their office 365 details.

Shared Timesheets

Set timesheets to be accessible to other staff members or team leaders, great for keeping track of your freelancers.

Dedicated Server

Tempora can be provided on a dedicated server in a region of your choice.

Client Testimonials & Feedback

PR Agency

Tempora has a great interface and is very user friendly. With a few tutorials from the attentive support team we’ve been able to get the visibility we need to effectively and efficiently manage capacity and resource planning. We can very quickly add new clients and projects to ensure we’re tracking time from the off, and the number and type of reports gives us the data we need to make timely and strategic business decisions. It’s also been a huge help on tracking the amount of time spent on clients, internal work, and prospecting, to ensure we’re getting the most cost-effective balance of time across the agency

Studio Coordinator

From a business management point of view, the ability to be able to identify over-spend on jobs has been a huge advantage for Balmond Studio.

“Because we charge a fixed fee for our services, it’s very easy for us to spend unlimited hours on projects if we’re not careful,” says Studio Coordinator Sara Adams.

“Tempora helps us control that.”

Group Financial Controller

Global media planning and buying agency ZenithOptimedia use Tempora timekeeping software on a daily basis to run reports and provide analysis at various levels: by client, department, brand, campaign or person.

“[Tempora] allows us to maintain our efficiency as an agency,” says Ms Hillary.

“By running custom reports, I can see quickly whether a client is profitable or not. Tempora allows us to compare profitability year-on-year, or by department – which means I know whether the TV department is more efficient than the press department, or whether each department has improved in the following year by client.”

Head of Finance

“In the beginning, getting staff to fill out electronic timesheets was something of a culture shock. These days, they do it without thinking, which means that at any point in time, FKC has reliable information on the progress of jobs.

“That’s the beauty of Tempora,” says Ms Stevens.

“It allows us to see what’s going on on a daily basis, which means we can act straight away to fix things.”

Commissioning Solutions

Tempora has been a huge benefit to our business allowing our 40 employees to record their time and activities simply and effectively. It is intuitive, has rolled out swiftly and easily. This has allowed us to have better project financial collaboration, data to review in detail, swifter invoicing, and consistent cash flow.

Director of Strategy

"Tempora has a great interface and is very user friendly. With a few tutorials from the attentive support team we’ve been able to get the visibility we need to effectively and efficiently manage capacity and resource planning. We can very quickly add new clients and projects to ensure we’re tracking time from the off, and the number and type of reports gives us the data we need to make timely and strategic business decisions. It’s also been a huge help on tracking the amount of time spent on clients, internal work, and prospecting, to ensure we’re getting the most cost-effective balance of time across the agency."

Public Affairs Consultancy

We have been users of Tempora since 2017. The system is customisable and after consultation with our employees Tempora helped us to devise a system to match our business needs. The system is enhanced by it’s extensive reporting capabilities providing us with “just in time reporting “on client activities and profitability.

The Admin function is structured in a logical way and as well as the support available through the Help and Resource Centre there is the extremely supportive helpdesk team in particular Drew Kite who tirelessly provide timely support and solutions to our queries.

The HR Licence extension is a fantastic addition to Tempora and the the automation of the holiday request / approval process has made such a difference to our team in terms of efficiency and time saving. The module is also supported by a great suite of reports. Further customisation was possible recently when we requested an additional feature that would allow us to see all employee leave for a particular month all at the same time.

Operations and Finance Manager

“With Tempora,” she says, “there’s nothing clouding visibility. We can see clearly how jobs are progressing, on a phase level as well as by client or project.

This helps to prevent over-spend.

"Our cost and charge rates are all embedded into the system", Ms Draper explains, "so we can see very quickly how much each job is costing us."

Financial Services Consultancy

When we first started using Tempora we did not know all the possibilities that the product offers. We only used it as a timesheet system but it is a great app that has allowed us to analyse our gross margin, selling rates, and cost rates with additional filters like practices/departments. Tempora’s customer service is really good, they provide quick solutions for each issue or question that we have. They are always supporting our sales department allowing us to get the maximum benefit of the application. 

Systems Project Manager

So successful was the introduction of Tempora’s timesheet reminder in Kingly Street that BBH started to install it in other offices.

“It wasn’t a deliberate roll out,” says Systems Project Manager Joanna Smith, who helped with the system integration in Singapore and China, and provides remote support for the Prompt in New York.

“But as finance people in different countries starting talking about how the Prompt was improving time capture, it started to snowball. That’s why Singapore were so keen to have it.”


We implemented Tempora because it gave us considerably more granularity on the information that we recorded, and the ability to analyse that information and drive improvements as a result.

As an example, prior to implementing Tempora there were regular complaints that our design team's productivity was significantly hampered due to IT/Technical issues. We were able to capture exactly where these issues occurred, quantify, categorise and address them. This has resulted in better IT performance and a better relationship between the business and IT.

In short, Tempora has done its job, and done it well.

We use analytics to improve user experience.