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Tempora PROMPT

With Tempora PROMPT, Timesheets Are Submitted On Time, Everytime.

On Time, Every Time

Tempora Prompt

Our timesheet reminder Tempora PROMPT works in conjunction with our core product Tempora Timesheets. Tempora PROMPT chases your staff for overdue timesheets, saving managers' time. With our late timesheet reports, receive a daily or weekly update on which staff have outstanding timesheets. For those that prefer a more gentle approach, run a report of overdue timesheets and trigger a reminder.

Emails and reports


Tempora PROMPT will automatically send email reminders to users and overdue summaries to line managers. This functionality can kick in daily or weekly or can be run manually.

Repeated pop-up reminders (at a frequency of your choice) or lockout

Pop-up or lockout

Select how Tempora PROMPT should activate in response to an overdue timesheet, either by issuing repeated pop-up reminders (at a frequency of your choice) or lockout a user from all other applications on their PC or Mac, until the overdue timesheet is submitted.

When activated, the Tempora PROMPT lockout completely restricts use of a computer to submitting overdue timesheets. Targeted on a per user basis, a varying level of severity can be set. Many of our clients find that after an initial few PROMPT, the ongoing threat of a looming system lockout is enough to keep some users in mind. For the rest, the PROMPT takes action automatically and the finance team can rest assured that there is 100% completion week on week.


Deploy Tempora PROMPT selectively

Our timesheet reminders and enforcement can be configured on a person-by-person basis. This ensures that individual staff members receive the most suitable form of prompting. Usually, within a few weeks of being reminded timesheets become an automatic procedure, but the looming threat is always there.

late timesheets will be a thing of the past

Time Saved

No more chasing staff for timesheets week after week, or minutes before a client meeting. This will free up valuable time. PROMPT is a set and forget tool, meaning once configured, late timesheets will be a thing of the past.

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