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Group Financial Controller | ZenithOptimedia

Global media planning and buying agency ZenithOptimedia use Tempora timekeeping software on a daily basis to run reports and provide analysis at various levels: by client, department, brand, campaign or person.

“[Tempora] allows us to maintain our efficiency as an agency,” says Ms Hillary.

“By running custom reports, I can see quickly whether a client is profitable or not. Tempora allows us to compare profitability year-on-year, or by department – which means I know whether the TV department is more efficient than the press department, or whether each department has improved in the following year by client.”

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Tempora Client Balmond Studio

Studio Coordinator | Balmond Studio

From a business management point of view, the ability to be able to identify over-spend on jobs has been a huge advantage for Balmond Studio.

“Because we charge a fixed fee for our services, it’s very easy for us to spend unlimited hours on projects if we’re not careful,” says Studio Coordinator Sara Adams.

“Tempora helps us control that.”

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Tempora software timesheet client Scape Design
Operations and Finance Manager | Scape Design Associates

“With Tempora,” she says, “there’s nothing clouding visibility. We can see clearly how jobs are progressing, on a phase level as well as by client or project.

This helps to prevent over-spend.

“Our cost and charge rates are all embedded into the system, Ms Draper explains, so we can see very quickly how much each job is costing us."

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Fox Kalomaski Crossing

Head of Finance | Fox Kalomaski Crossing

“In the beginning, getting staff to fill out electronic timesheets was something of a culture shock. These days, they do it without thinking, which means that at any point in time, FKC has reliable information on the progress of jobs.

“That’s the beauty of Tempora,” says Ms Stevens.

“It allows us to see what’s going on on a daily basis, which means we can act straight away to fix things.”

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BBH Tempora Client

Systems Project Manager | BBH

So successful was the introduction of Tempora’s timesheet reminder in Kingly Street that BBH started to install it in other offices.

“It wasn’t a deliberate roll out,” says Systems Project Manager Joanna Smith, who helped with the system integration in Singapore and China, and provides remote support for the Prompt in New York.

“But as finance people in different countries starting talking about how the Prompt was improving time capture, it started to snowball. That’s why Singapore were so keen to have it.”

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