Tempora Hosted User Login Redirect

You will shortly be redirected to our Hosted Login Portal.

If you are not redirected to your Tempora timesheet user login portal within a few moments, please click on this link or navigate to https://www.gototempora.com/HostedTempora/Login.aspx? which will provide access. You can also contact our support team and they will be able to provide the login portal for your Tempora instance. You may wish to bookmark the portal for future ease of access. For mobile timesheets you should navigate to the appropriate app store (iOS or Google Play) and search for 'Tempora timesheets' which will enable you to login via your mobile device or tablet.You can also use your mobile devices browser, depending on your preference. Tempora Desktop version will work on any browser that is up to date and most legacy versions from the last 10 years.

Please note: Whilst Tempora doesn't require special permissions or installations to be able to record time entries in your timesheet, if you have the permissions to run reports in your account, reports of a certain size will open in a new window. This is due to the file size of the data being rendered to screen, so you may find it useful to let your browser show these reports. You can view our privacy and data security policy, or contact us directly should you have any concerns.


Fun Fact: Tempora online timesheets was originally titled 'bubblegum' internally during its initial development from onsite solution to SaaS product. This is referring to the elasticity of the product, in how it can be configured or scaled to clients requirements as necessary. The original colour theme, now known as the 'Tempora Pink' was kept after a certain founders fondness. The actual term 'Tempora' is Latin for time, so this seemed like a much more intuitive name. Internally, each phase or release of the product is named after a specific time period or historical event.