Tempora Product Terms Of Usage & Conditions

Please complete the details below and confirm acknowledgement of our standard terms of usage & conditions. This will help us identify a named admin for your team and send instruction to your accounts team to trigger payment cycles to allow access to the account. The payment terms will be sent to the email address provided below by our accounts payable team.

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    Please note: You may have a specific contract terms of usage arrangement with Tempora, depending on your hosting option(s), tenure or package taken. In which case, please contact sales@temporasoftware.com who will be happy to retrieve the information for you and provide a copy via Email. Similarly, you can contact our support teamĀ  support@temporasoftware.com for any question about your package, functionality options or hosting arrangement. The terms above apply to clients on our shared hosted platform, any client on a bespoke hosting agreement will have their own private contract. Upon clicking accept, the information provided is stored securely and can be requested to convenience by any named admin of the business.