Tempora Update V2.45

As of 06/07 2019,all Tempora users, unless opted out of automatic updates can look forward to the following changes:

  • Bug fix: [#95]: Utilisation reports. Fixed date selection and filtering on the report criteria. Also fixed Target hour calculation.
  • Bug fix: [#96]: Late timesheet email report. Fixed an issue where the last person in the list with late timesheets did not appear. Also fixed an issue where protected time such as public or annual holiday was not detected and shown in the missing timesheet report emails.
  • Added: New staff edit page. This page now consolidates the staff cost rates with the staff edit page for a simpler user experience.
  • Bug fix: [#98]: When bulk holiday is booked using the admin tool it now also adds the holiday to the holiday chart for the selected user. A holiday type must have been configured already for holiday to be added to the holiday chart.
  • Added: You can now search the time entry tree via using the new search icon at the top of the tree navigation.
  • Added: You are now able to search for activities on the time entry page using the new search box above the time entry grid.
  • Bug fix:[#99] When creating new calendars the calendar type was not being stored correctly. This would have stopped calendars being created automatically in the future.
  • Added: Two factor authentication at login page. This can be turned off by site or enabled/disabled on a per user bases from their Tempora staff account. Also, the two staff reports Staff List and Staff List by Department now show the 2FA enabled status.
  • Bug fix:[#101] When a user selects a holiday period, the Holiday calendar does not behave erratically for companies that do not have a Jan - Dec calendar year configured.
  • Added: Export to PDF option when exporting reports. There is also an option to export a timesheet to PDF.
  • Added: Additional Budget & utilisation reports.
  • Added:  Browser extension to add Time from any website (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)
  • Various supporting internal components have been updated to the latest version(s).
  • Performance and security enhancements

There is no need for action from the user. For all clients opted in to automatic updates will receive the latest version of Tempora upon their next login.

We do not foresee any usage downtime from this update and we look forward to gaining feedback from our clients.