Tempora Timesheet System

Flexible to your business requirements

No Fuss Time Recording

Tempora allows users to easily track their working time and absence. Whether your business is an advertising agency, consulting group or architectural firm, our software will make it simple for your team to record hours quickly, with no hassle. We are constantly looking into improving the technologies and consulting with our clients to ensure we offer timesheets that minimise staff pushback. We also allow your team to access our timesheet system on any internet enabled desktop or laptop or through our mobile application available on both Android and iOS.


Guided Timesheet Completion

Tempora will inform users how many hours are required each week to ensure all staff hours are accounted for. Timesheets are automatically saved every few seconds and can be completed on another device as required. Once complete, a user can post their timesheet, which locks in the time and prevents tampering of historic data. Tempora also has functionalities to show your team how many hours have been allotted to certain projects or activities, to advise where their priorities should be.

Timesheet Reminders & Enforcement

For those teams that need persuasion, Tempora has automatic enforcement tools which can act on chosen intervals. Whether you want to chase your team daily or weekly, Tempora will act on your behalf. The first tier is an automatic email. Sending a reminder email with a link inviting them to complete any overdue timesheet, with summary emails going to appropriate line managers. The next step, is for an on screen notification to the appropriate users. This can be closed but will pop up again on an interval of your choosing, for example hourly. The final tier, is a software that locks the computer to only being able to access the timesheet system until nothing is overdue.