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Time Reports

Identify which client accounts are being over-serviced within a matter of clicks with Tempora.  Our users can login and have the data of choice within seconds. If this isn't quick enough, they can automate reports to arrive automatically to their inbox and even create custom reports if our 'off the shelf' formats don't meet requirements and have them arrive in time for team meetings.

Tempora can provide time data in a variety of formats to suit your requirements. Whether you need a collective overview of time values or want to slice your data by client, team or department we have you covered. Using one of our pre-formatted reports Tempora can output insights on time in blocks of your choice, whether you want to hone in on a single week or compare years.

Tempora Timesheet Report

Time Selling Value Analysis

Client Selling Value

Ranging from simple overview, to thorough inspections of clients, projects, departments and staff, Tempora has over 60 core timesheet data reports to break the time captured into meaningful overviews. Users can choose to see total reports, break them down by year, month, week or date to your requirements. We understand that there are times where businesses simply need an overview of time expenditure and other times where a full inspection is required. We are happy to share knowledge we've gained in years of supporting clients to help users identify reports that will transform their business and allow a strong sustained growth.

Profit & Loss Overview

Tempora Profit and Loss Reports are part of our unique reporting suite that ensure a quick overview of key accounts or projects can be examined to see profitability and over servicing. Tempora reports can factor in additional costs or income, such as retainer fee or third party costs and internal overheads such as tax or premises costs. These rates are dynamic and changes as costs and salaries go up. With the data provided, you can ensure you get the true picture to run your teams efficiently.

Pulling data from staff wages, departmental and individual based time selling rates Tempora will point out which of your internal projects are running at expected profit margins or which ones are incurring a loss. This data can be instantly backed up by our utilisation suite which will show which departmental resources are being under or over utilised. Using this data, our clients can better plan internal resources to ensure fee earners are working on the right projects.

Hours Report

Business Resource Utilisation

Pie Chart Report

Using agreed client rates, the reports can also show where staff have been working on projects that aren't as profitable as other projects and analyse the billable value of the hours your staff have worked. You can also add incomes, whether that is retained fees, internal re-charging or ad-hoc invoices to see a full profitability analysis of work conducted.

These reports can than be run to a scale of your choosing, a single team member for a day or a company for a year for example.