Painless Time Tracking

100% Timesheet Completion


Weekly staff timesheets that can be up and running within seconds. Record time at a granular level, to ensure your business has the full picture.  More

Timesheet Enforcement

From gentle email reminders, to computer lockouts, our autonomous chasing system will ensure you get timesheet data on time, every time by targeting staff members as required.  More

Client Profitability Analysis

Benefit from real time business data showing actual time and costs against budgets, as well as past project evaluation reporting tools. Identify slippage and overservicing with ease. More

Staff Utilisation Review

Quickly see which team members are being under or over utilised. Tempora reports will also show where staff could be better allocated given their discipline and hourly rates. More

Absence Tracking

Streamline your absence management with online request and approval processes. Staff see their entitlement and approval decisions can be made in seconds. Planned leave will automatically show in the appropriate timesheet. More

Mobile & Desktop

Collect your time data through the devices preferred by team members, safely knowing that it all feeds instantly to a central database and reporting suite. In office or out in the field, Tempora has your time recording covered.  More

Our software comes with unlimited, personal support for all users


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1 Click Reports


For online staff time tracking

Quick to implement, easy to manage

Timesheets aren't fun, so we designed ours to be as effortless as possible. Tempora users describe the timesheet entry process as ‘simple’ and ‘intuitive’, allowing timesheets to be updated in seconds, rather than it becoming a job in itself. Time entry can be configured to a metric of your choice, with options such as HH:MM, 15 minute blocks or days and half days.

Vital data, less admin

Your team can quickly record notes against their time entries. These notes appear in various business performance reports within Tempora to give the wider picture. Admin users can add new staff, clients, projects and activities in seconds. Each staff member and client can be assigned cost and charge out rates. These values will automatically filter through to reports.


Users may allocate time to multi-tier sub-client categories, this provides granularity in reporting, which facilitates a detailed understanding of which activities are causing project creep and which ones are being executed better than target, informing future fee negotiations.

TemporaTimesheet example

Tempora Absence

Take the effort out of leave management

Absence management can be used with or without our core product, Tempora Timesheets. It is an ultra-efficient process that enables staff to request leave in seconds, without any paperwork.  Line managers are immediately notified of requests and may approve leave in a matter of clicks. Our sickness & absence reports identify patterns of behaviour.

Manage all leave types

Record absence against items including annual leave, public holiday, study leave, parental leave as well as any number of bespoke categories.

Staff self service

Users have complete visibility of their leave entitlement, pending and approved decisions, saving management from having to monitor and verify entitlement.

Avoid absence clash

Identify overlapping staff absence at a glance. Users can configure a minimum team availability, to automatically reject subsequent requests.


Build in your house rules or company benefits, e.g. increasing a member of staff’s entitlement on completion of 3 years’ service.

mobile absence
Avoid end of year rush

Studies show that regular holidays reduce staff sickness. Tempora Absence encourages your team to spread their holiday out across the year and to take their full entitlement before the holiday year expires.

Automatic notifications & entitlement calculations

Approved absence is automatically booked out in a staff member’s timesheet. Select which team members receive notification when leave is approved through our delegates system.

Personalised entitlements

Absence takes account of each individual’s leave entitlement, including allocations for part-time staff. Create pro-rata rules to suit your business culture.

Track sickness

Track sickness and identify patterns of absence. Sickness is automatically added to timesheets and time reports.



Business Performance Reports

Reporting suite on demand

Over 100 'out of the box' reports to inform business decisions.  Reports can be run in your browser, exported to PDF or Excel (CSV), or integrated through our API to external applications. You can run reports over your chosen date range and select your level of granularity. Our report builder enables customised reporting to build a bespoke report, this can then be saved as a profile, meaning it is always available in one click. Tempora automatically fetches the correct cost or charge-out rates per time recorded to ensure the full picture is shown.

Tempora PROMPT

With Tempora PROMPT, timesheets are submitted on time, every time.

Our timesheet reminder Tempora PROMPT works in conjunction with our core product Tempora Timesheets.  Tempora PROMPT chases your staff for overdue timesheets, saving managers' time. With our late timesheet reports, receive a daily or weekly update on which staff have outstanding timesheets. For those that prefer a more gentle approach, run a report of overdue timesheets and trigger a reminder.

Automatic emails and reports

Tempora PROMPT will automatically send email reminders to users and overdue summaries to line managers. This functionality can kick in daily or weekly or can be run manually.

Pop-up or lockout

Select how Tempora PROMPT should activate in response to an overdue timesheet, either by issuing repeated pop-up reminders (at a frequency of your choice) or lockout a user from all other applications on their PC or Mac, until the overdue timesheet is submitted.

When activated, the Tempora PROMPT lockout completely restricts use of a computer to submitting overdue timesheets

Deploy Tempora PROMPT selectively

Our timesheet reminder can be configured on a person-by-person basis so that individual staff members receive the most suitable form of prompting.

Time saved

No more chasing staff for timesheets week after week. This will free up valuable time. PROMPT is a set and forget tool, meaning once configured, late timesheets will be a thing of the past.