Tempora Covid-19 Statement

Tempora Covid-19 Statement

As measures taken in response to Covid-19 are taken, many are being affected. We want to ensure our users that they will continue to have access to Tempora and it's unlimited support promise. Particular as the majority of the world moves into a work from home or isolation environment, Tempora will ensure support capacity is provided.

There are a few measures being undertaken by us to make sure we are providing the service in the safest possible way, details of these are:

Business Continuity:

We have made the decision to move the majority of our staff to a work-from-home model. Decisions have been made amongst the team that whilst it is safe to do so, a skeletal crew will be inside the office on reduced hours, for operations that are locked to our office IP.  We wish to make it clear that this team will be commuting in and out privately (their own private vehicles) and if any symptoms are shown or it is believed they have been in contact, this will be removed. Otherwise, we do not foresee any disruption to the support service.

Support Access:

Our support Email channels and live chat platform will pick-up tickets as usual, these can be available from within your Tempora account or via our website. We are happy to utilise video conferencing tools in replacement of face-to-face and have already stress tested this to ensure it works around our clients security measures.

All usual contacts will be reachable via e-mail. We have turned automatic out-of-office replies as a precaution, with details on who else can be contacted if there is no reply.

Above all, we wish everyone, their loved ones and friends the best regards and hope that they manage to stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

Warmest regards,

Tempora Software.