How to rollout a timesheet software

We previously discussed in our blog article “Features to Look For in a Good Timesheet Solution” that it is of paramount importance to carefully select your timesheet solution based upon the timesheet solutions the ability to meet your business’s requirements. Once you have selected your timesheet solution, it is just as important – if not more important – to ensure the successful implementation of your chosen timesheet solution within your organisation, a incorrectly handled rollout could end up with an incorrect setup or with resentful staff members.

When seeking to successfully roll-out your timesheet solution, you should endeavour to:

Begin with a trial of your timesheet solution – This trial should ideally be a completely free trial, with the only restriction being how long you can use the trial for. The trial solution should offer the same full suite of functionality as the paid-for product, and any data that you have entered into your trial system should be preserved when you make the decision to pay for the product. There should also be no penalty if you decide that the timesheet solution that you are trialling is not fit for purpose.

Get everyone involved – The bigger the group of people that are trialling the timesheet solution, the better – this way you have more eyes on the product, and therefore more feedback on whether or not the proposed solution will meet your businesses’ requirements.

Encourage a culture of “buy-in” – If you are starting with a trial of your timesheet solution, it would be best to avoid telling your staff that it is a trial, since they may then become less inclined to use the system properly and to its full potential. The management need to 100% behind the selected timesheet solution – if they are not, then any doubts or concerns they may have about the chosen product could easily filter down the management chain. It may also help to remind staff that timely completion of their timesheets will be a point of discussion in their annual appraisals!

Engage with the solution provider – A good solution provider will assist with your implementation and roll-out of your timesheet solution – ask them to provide you with user guides that explain how the system works, and get in touch with their support technicians if you experience any difficulties.

The successful implementation of your timesheet solution is crucial – your timesheet solution will be a key component of your organisation, that will be used by all of your staff on a daily basis. Tempora can offer you a completely free trial with unlimited users, and unlimited free support with your roll-out. Let Tempora guide you through the process today.