Return on investment through SaaS

Switching from spreadsheets to Tempora now will pay for itself before the end of 2017

Does the following describe your agency at all?

Each week or month you email your team chasing them again for their latest paper or Excel timesheet. You’ll have to chase a number of your team again because client deadlines (and life in general!) gets prioritised above time recording and taking time out to try and remember what they’ve been doing for the last few days or weeks is a hassle. You probably have to chase some staff again but, when you finally get most of your team data in, you collate the figures for some sense of where you are… how many hours have been done on each project and have you exceeded client set budgets. You know you’re not looking at accurate totals because those that did record their time left it to the last minute so, in reality, you’re relying largely on gut instinct to know which clients are being over-serviced and are costing you money - stopping you from realising the growth potential your agency deserves!

If this resonates with you, Tempora would help you grow your business and at no extra cost in real terms.

Clients that choose Tempora are set up on the platform within hours of us receiving their clients and staff data. Their staff can download the Tempora app and start tracking time that day. Staff can input time in seconds and on the go, as they head out for lunch or on the Tube on the way home, so it’s no longer a huge chore to record their time. If timesheets are late, Tempora automatically chases the culprits (nicely of course!). This means real time, accurate data on exactly where staff are spending their time and at the push of a button (or automatically on a schedule), Tempora will provide you with a clear breakdown of the hours your team are putting in, their performance against clients budgets and importantly, whether each piece of work has been profitable given the cost of the time worked and the revenue generated per project. We all know knowledge is power, and from this point management meetings can involve you discussing precisely how to bring a project in on time and where you need to quote higher next time or even pass on a project that you now know will cut into your bottom line, preventing you reaching those ambitious growth targets for 2017!

But won’t Tempora each into your profitability itself, you ask? Well, it’s not free, but at £2 per user per month you’ll probably be saying what several new clients have recently said to us: that Tempora pays for itself within months because of the time it saves in chasing staff and crunching data, let alone in helping you avoid overrunning on projects and identify the work that’s going to make your agency more profitable.

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