Personal or Professional, it Should Always be Protected

We live in a time where an increasing number of business activities are being moved online. Gone are the days where important documents are stored in a dusty filing cabinet. Your information – both personal and professional – is nowadays being stored in the proverbial “cloud”. Unfortunately, criminals are also keeping up with the times and moving their illegal operations online – so how can we keep our data safe? Here are Tempora’s top tips for keeping your data secure and your privacy intact:

Think about what you’re sharing – when sharing information over the internet, ask yourself:
o What information am I sharing online?
o Am I sharing more information than I need to?
o Who am I sharing this information with?
o Do I trust the recipient of the information?
o Am I sharing the information over a secure (https) connection?

Keep software up-to-date – ensure that your operating system, software and anti-virus packages are all kept up-to-date to help prevent malicious software from stealing your sensitive data.

Clear out those cookies – make sure to clear your web browser’s cookies after each session to help ensure that cyber-criminals can’t gain easy access to your systems.
At Tempora, we take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously. We:

• Only ask for the minimum set of personal data required for you to use our system (names and email addresses).
• Never share your data with third parties without your consent.
• Fully comply with the Data Protection Act.
• Host our systems via RackSpace, an ISO 27001 accredited company.
Are you looking for a comprehensive timesheet solution that has your security and privacy as its top priority? Call Tempora today.