Online Security: Personal or Professional, it Should Always be Protected

Online Security

Online security is important in a time where an increasing number of business activities are online. Gone are the days where important documents are stored in a dusty filing cabinet. Your information both personal and professional is nowadays being stored in the proverbial ‘cloud’. Unfortunately, criminals are also keeping up with the times and moving their illegal operations online so how can we keep our data safe? Here are Tempora’s top tips for keeping your data secure and your privacy intact:

Think about what you’re sharing

When sharing information over the internet, ask yourself:

  1. What information am you sharing online?
  2. additionally, Are you sharing more information than I need to?
  3. Who are you sharing this information with?
  4. Do you trust the recipient of the information?
  5. Are Isharing the information over a secure (https) connection?

Keep software up-to-date

Ensure that your operating system, software and anti-virus packages are all kept up-to-date to help prevent malicious software from stealing your sensitive data. For online security best practice, we recommend checking software vendors on a monthly basis or more.

Clear out those browser cookies

Make sure to clear your web browser’s cookies after each session to help ensure that cyber-criminals can’t gain easy access to your systems. Cookies rarely hold important data in transit for modern system but quite often viewing preferences or access credentials may are.

Online Security at Tempora

At Tempora, we take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously. We:

  • Only ask for the minimum set of personal data required for you to use our system (names and email addresses).
  • Never share your data with third parties without your consent.
  • Fully comply with the Data Protection Act.
  • Host our systems via Microsoft Azure, an ISO 27001 accredited company.

Are you looking for a comprehensive timesheet solution that has your data security and business privacy as its top priority? Call Tempora today.

For more information, why not view our FAQ’s page which covers some of our security commitments.