Features to Look For in a Good Timesheet Solution

The market for timesheet management solutions is very competitive, with dozens of organisations each providing their own offering. With so many different solutions to choose from, how do you pick the solution that is right for your organisation?

The first step is to understand your requirements – what does your timesheet solution need to be able to do? Questions you may ask yourself as a part of your requirements analysis may include:

Data – What information does my timesheet solution need to be able to collect?
User Interface – How would my staff record their timesheets?
Reporting – What information does my timesheet solution need to be able to produce for me?

Once you have answered those key questions, the second step is to see what features are offered by each timesheet solution, and to determine how well these features meet your requirements. Features of a good timesheet solution may include:

Cost – Is the solution inexpensive?
Flexibility – Can the solution be configured to meet your organisation’s specific requirements?
Usability – Is the solution easy to use?
Support – Does the solution include a comprehensive support package?
Add-ons – Does the solution do more than just record timesheets? (e.g. absence management, profitability reporting etc.)

Tempora is a timesheet solution that can provide you with all of the above features to meet your business’ requirements. Tempora can offer you a timesheet solution with a low per-user-per-month cost and makes time recording straightforward for your users. Tempora can be configured to meet your organisation’s requirements, and support is provided with all of our packages at no extra cost. As well as a timesheet solution, Tempora also offers an absence management solution, extensive reporting capabilities, and Tempora’s unique “Prompt” software that helps ensure that your staff complete their timesheets on time, every time.

You’ve taken the first two steps in looking for a good timesheet solution - now take the third step by giving Tempora a call today.