Digital Timesheets To Reduce Manual Efforts

Using Online Timesheets

In 2022, business of all sizes and sectors are adopting technological advances. They are doing this to erase paper trails and streamline admin and business processes. A study in 2018 by YouGov  found that 48% of UK business expect to have adapted a full digital transformation within the next decade. At Tempora, we have noticed a clear trend in adoption of new technology and business success. Built in functionalities to allow users of any background to be able to quickly pick up the timesheets software

A study from the digital marketing institute  found that many processes can be as much as 5 times faster when conducted digitally, rather than through traditional methods. Many of our clients come from paper based or manually intensive systems. In some cases, they have a staff member whose full-time job Is to manage timesheet data, holiday requests and planning and business information reporting. Tempora focuses on two values, outgoing costs and incoming revenue. By keeping your data digitally, you can access it and generate key business insights in seconds, or even autonomously. In addition to this, many of our functionalities can be completed in just a matter of clicks, such as holiday approval or adding new timesheet items.

Problems and solutions

To solve this, we purposely designed tools to automate manual process where possible or at least remove the leg work. The problems that arise are:

  1. It is too late to begin; the business doesn’t have the time to rollout new processes against existing ‘working’ solutions
  2. The process and implementation will be too costly
  3. It will be too difficult for staff to adopt the new process, they may not be tech savvy enough
  4. Your business has requirements that are too bespoke, and it isn’t suitable to look into bespoke software solutions.

Tempora digital timesheets solve these issues in the following ways:

  1.  We configure the entire system for you. We can also import your existing business data. This means that day 1 of your trial or ‘go-live’ everything is ready to go, and you can focus on using the system, rather than putting it together.
  2.  At Tempora, we provide flexible payment options, so that you only pay for the parts of the system you are using, for the users you have active.
  3.  To arrange full bespoke time recording and admin training, unlimited support and training resources to your requirements as needed.
  4.  By providing is a fully configurable timesheet system, many of the components can be configured to suit your requirements.

If you wish to know more about what steps to put in place, why not contact us or attend one of our free webinars?