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Tempora Covid-19 Statement

Tempora Covid-19 Statement As measures taken in response to Covid-19 are taken, many are being affected. We want to ensure our users that they will continue to have access to Tempora and it’s unlimited support promise. Particular as the majority of the world moves into a work from home or isolation environment, Tempora will ensure[…]

Tempora Timesheet Software

Timesheet data output

Appropriate timesheet structures All too often, clients and prospective users explain the intention to immediately capture complex information on launch. Whilst this is great for businesses that have clear goals from the initiative, Tempora offers advice against a complex timesheet data structure for the starting roll-out. The problems On the surface, it’s a fantastic prospect:[…]

Tempora Timesheet Software

Timesheets Software

What is a Timesheet? At Tempora, we regularly speak with individuals who have been tasked with finding a timesheet solution, with very little prior experience into what they are, or which one is a good fit for their requirements. With so many options available, we have written this little guide. Whilst we provide timesheets for[…]

Tempora Timesheet Software

The benefits of big data

Big Data and Ways To Utilise It What is big data? Big data is the term given to a large volume of data. This can be anything from years of financial transactions to purchase history for thousands of customers. In particular, a database that spans across a large volume is considered big data. Historically, it[…]

tempora timesheet software

Introducing Staff Timesheets

How to introduce time recording to your team As a timesheet provider, we are aware that time tracking isn’t for everyone. It’s a common joke that recording a timesheet is almost a job in itself. Additionally, teams may have reluctance about completing timesheets, seeing them as a sign of mistrust or a way of spying.[…]


Return on investment through SaaS

Switching from spreadsheets to Tempora now will pay for itself before the end of 2017 Does the following describe your agency at all? Each week or month you email your team chasing them again for their latest paper or Excel timesheet. You’ll have to chase a number of your team again because client deadlines (and[…]