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Digital Timesheets To Reduce Manual Efforts

Using Online Timesheets In 2022, business of all sizes and sectors are adopting technological advances. They are doing this to erase paper trails and streamline admin and business processes. A study in 2018 by YouGov  found that 48% of UK business expect to have adapted a full digital transformation within the next decade. At Tempora,[…]

Tempora Timesheet Software

Timesheets Software

What is a Timesheet? At Tempora, we are advise those who wish to find their team a software to track time. Often these individuals have very little experience with timesheets. Whilst we primarily provide time tracking and reporting to agencies and fee based businesses, there are functionalities to suit other business sectors. Introduction & Timesheets[…]

Tempora Timesheet Software

Time Tracking Apps & Staff Pushback

It’s no secret that staff don’t see the benefits of time tracking apps and they certainly don’t want to spend the time completing them. The secret to success, is to introduce it as the norm and be transparent. This will set team habits early on, addressing issues as they crop up. We’ve compiled a list[…]

Tempora Timesheet Software

Tracking Non-Chargeable Items In Timesheets

Tracking Timesheet Activities   Tracking activities that are non-chargeable is important. It’s a misconception that timesheets are purely for chargeable time, to ensure invoicing correctly for the work completed. Whilst this certainly is beneficial, there is also great value in tracking non-chargeable time. Whether that is time spent pitching, conducting internal admin or other internal[…]

Tempora Timesheet Software

The benefits of big data

Big Data and Ways To Utilise It Big data is the term given to a large volume of electronic information. This can be anything from years of financial transactions to purchase history for thousands of customers. In particular, a database that spans across a large volume. Historically, it would take a large amount of admin[…]

tempora timesheet software

Timesheet Introduction

Timesheet Introduction For Your Team What are the problems with timesheet introduction? As a timesheet provider, we are aware that time tracking isn’t for everyone. It’s a common joke that recording a timesheet is almost a job in itself. Additionally, teams may have reluctance about completing timesheets. With people seeing them as a sign of[…]

Tempora Timesheet Software

What is HTTPS – Safe Internet

What is HTTPS – How does it enable Safe Internet browsing Safe Internet is terminology used ambiguously across many websites. HTTPS, an abbreviation for “Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure” is the same as the HTTP protocol. However, it uses a “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) for security purposes. The HTTPS protocol encrypts the data being sent back[…]


Tempora Tech Blog – Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in 2017. Both in terms of personal gadgetry and work-based tools. At the Mobile World Congress last week (February 27th – March 2nd) mobile users eagerly awaited news. Exciting news on the latest flagship devices from big brands. Summary of mobile technology announcements Sony unravelled[…]