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Tempora Software was originally developed in house alongside the large, worldwide ad-agency BBH. Over the years our software has seen many changes, evolving from an on site installation package, a remote physical server and now to a cloud based application, benefitting from industry innovations. We're proud the software has consistently grown, now tracking over 400,000 hours cumulatively per week.

Our philosophy is to provide software that makes our clients' time more profitable, by reducing admin and allowing more fee earning work. We have thoroughly scutinised each new release before launch, ensuring it is fit for purpose and improves existing functionality. To ensure a competitive price point, we work with our clients to match their requirements to a package that delivers the functionality they need.

We don't believe in artificially padding our software to increase our pricing. Our ethos is that our product should be underpinned by scalable technology, meaning our clients don't pay extra to benefit from a responsive performance at all times.

We're proud that we maintain very strong relationships with our clients, backed by a strong support team and an open communication policy.


"Innovative technology paired with old school business relationship values"


We work closely alongside many clients on a daily basis. Our Timesheets have grown from humble origins, to powering business and household brands around the world,

We have clients that have a primary location of operation and worldwide clients with offices in multiple countries. At Tempora, we utilise Geocaching to store your data and Tempora instance. This ensures that your data is stored in a location of your choice, usually near to your base of operation. Through utilisation of this technology we can promise to meet any security governance you may have and ensure a streamlined performance of the product. Similarly, we can ensure that your data would never be processed or stored in undesirable locations. Please make us aware of this and we can make the appropriate account configurations.

Although our client support is UK based, we will ensure that appropriate support is available to your working hours, no matter the region you operate from. Our standard support is provided during UK hours, although this suits many international business, extended support, tailored to worldwide time zones is available. We understand that sometimes the assurance that we are there makes you much more comfortable. We can also make any of our guides available in a different language, the product will automatically translate according to its current language setting on the computer used.

Why not read some client case studies to see how we approach each client? We believe in treating each client with respect and ensuring we understand their key business requirements and the best system setup for them.

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Public Sector
Tempora software timesheet client Mother London
M&C Saatchi Timesheet Enforcement
Tempora Client Balmond Studio


What do our fantastic clients say about us?

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Sally Bennett BBH

"It didn’t take long for people to realise that a timesheet reminder like Tempora Prompt actually saves them time. With work still fresh in their minds, timesheets can be filled out in seconds."

Jeremy Holt Clark Holt

"Tempora improves the efficiency of our billing and saves considerable time."

Sarah Balmond Balmond Studio

"Because the whole process feels more professional, staff take time keeping more seriously."

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